School Programs School Programs First Day of School, Feb. 2014 I'm off to begin a new school program, with my laptop and my lunch. 192976574 Restorative Justice Box This is the box that was used at Elko Middle School to initiate circles. 192976575 Restorative Justice Messages To initiate a circle, messages were dropped in this box. I picked them up and began the circle process, first the pre circles with each of the participants, then the circle when all the participants came together to address the conflict, and lastly, the post circle when we followed up on how things were going. 192976576 School Evaluation Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz, author of the Little Book of Restorative Discipline for Schools, conducted our first program evaluation. 193209471 Talking About Unitive Justice at VSU These Armstrong Students gave an outstanding presentation about their training as unitive justice circle facilitators at Virginia State University. This included demonstrating the circle process for the judges, lawyers, law enforcement personnel, university staff and students who were attending a conference on disparate minority contact in the punitive justice system. 193209482 Allied Media Conference, June 2014 Four Armstrong students traveled to the Allied Media Conference in Detroit in June 2014. Keith DeBlasio, Adryann Glenn and I had a great time accompanying them on this trip. The students added a lot to our workshop on Justice: Go Unitive, Not Punitive. 193660268 Ja'Shaun Oliver at the reflection pond. 193660269